Maximizing Your Weight Loss Efforts

Utilizing the Healthy Approach to Losing Weight for Men & Women in San Jose.

Losing weight can help you achieve a healthier body and greater self-confidence in your daily life. Understanding the factors that affect weight loss allows you maximize your results and reach your goal by finding the fastest way to lose weight and keep it off that is right for your body. At A Younger Look Wellness & Laser Center, our weight loss programs in San Jose are targeted to your individual needs so you’ll love what you see when you look in the mirror.

How Men and Women Lose Weight

There are many factors that will affect how quickly you reach your personal weight loss goals and see results. Numerous studies have shown that men and women tend to gain and lose weight differently, but that both sexes can benefit from healthy lifestyle changes and weight loss for a trimmer body.

  • Men typically lose weight faster than women during the first few months of a weight loss program. However, studies have shown that after the initial few months, weight loss rates even out between the sexes.
  • Because men are typically larger and have more muscle mass than women, small changes in diet tend to have a larger effect in initial weight loss results. Women also prefer carbohydrates more than men, which are more readily turned into fat inside the body.
  • Women are physiologically built to maintain a higher percentage of body fat than men. They also build muscle mass slower due to lower levels of testosterone in the body, which prompts muscle repair and rebuilding in response to work.

Tailoring Your Weight Loss Approach

Although men and women lose weight differently, every individual can reach his or her weight loss goal with the right tailored approach. A Younger Look Wellness & Laser Center can help you develop the body you’ve dreamed of with our personalized weight loss programs for men and woman in San Jose. You can reach us today by calling (408) 629-6188 for a free weight loss consultation.

  • Both men and women can benefit from making healthier meal choices and changing the way in which they eat meals. Eating breakfast daily and aiming to consume one-third of the day’s calories before lunch can help both sexes see faster weight loss results.
  • Men and women can also both benefit from the use of weight loss supplements, such as appetite suppressants and MIC B. However, the amount and duration of supplements used may depend on gender.
  • Women can speed their weight loss results by building muscle mass using strength training. This helps them gain the faster weight loss results initially seen by men, thanks to the calorie-burning power of muscle tissue.

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