Providing HCG Weight Loss for Patients in San Jose

What is HCG Weight Loss?

HCG is a natural hormone that, when provided by a health care professional in combination with a low-calorie diet, helps with extraordinary weight loss that will last even after you’re finished! HCG reduces feelings of hunger, as it naturally suppresses your appetite, so you won’t feel the need to consume extra calories.

What sets the HCG diet apart from others is that it helps stimulate fat loss while maintaining muscle tissue. Traditional diets (especially crash diets) that result in fast, dramatic weight loss often cause a large amount of muscle to be lost. This looks good on the scale, as muscle is denser than fat and will result in more pounds lost. However, although this gives the illusion that because you’ve lost more weight you are healthier, the opposite is true.

Losing muscle is bad for your body, can lead to a lower quality of life, and slows your metabolism. The loss of muscle and metabolism is the reason many people gain weight back shortly after ending a diet. This is not the case with the HCG diet! Not only will you lose weight, you’ll lose the right weight, and keep that weight off when you’re done.

Benefits of the HCG Diet: HCG Weight Loss San Jose, CA

-Lose weight quickly & safely

-Shed pounds without being hungry or tired

-Keep the weight off when you’re finished

-Lose fat and not muscle

-No exercise needed

-Look great while feeling energized

-Improve your quality of life


How much weight will I lose?

When being administered the HCG injections and following the low-calorie diet, on average women lose ½-1 pound a day and men lose ½-3 pounds a day.

Can everyone use the HCG diet?

You should not take HCG if you have cancer, are nursing, or are pregnant.

Do I need to exercise on the HCG diet?

No! If you are administered HCG injections and follow your low-calorie diet plan then exercise is not necessary.

Will I be hungry or tired and feel drained from the HCG diet, like other diets?

The HCG diet is not like other diets. HCG is a natural hormone that suppresses appetite, so sticking to the low-calorie diet is much easier. Many users even report feeling energized!

If you are ready to lose weight fast, in a safe manner, and keep the weight off for good, call A Younger Look Wellness & Laser Center today!

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