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Eyelashes are perhaps the most feminine feature of your face. Having them lengthened or enhanced is a popular trend among beauty gurus, celebrities, and working women alike, but false lashes are dated and unnatural-looking. A Younger Look Wellness & Laser Center in San Jose, California, offers Latisse eyelash enhancement for a natural look with a reasonable price. For fuller, natural lashes, call to schedule an appointment with James Andrews, MD or to find out more about Latisse.

Latisse Q & A

What is Latisse?

Latisse was originally approved by the FDA in 2001 as a drug to treat glaucoma, called bimatoprost. Soon, doctors and patients noticed that one of its side effects was lash growth. Today, Latisse is marketed for the lash growth that it promotes. It is a topical prescription drug that you must apply to your lash line. If used correctly, Latisse will result in:

  • Longer lashes
  • Fuller lashes
  • Thicker lashes
  • Darker lashes

You’ll likely begin to see results after about two months (possibly earlier) of using the drug every night. Dr. Andrews will help you to determine if Latisse is a good option for you and the ways in which you should specifically use it after the first couple months.

How do I use Latisse?

Latisse is relatively easy to use, and it can be obtained in Dr. Andrew's office. You’ll need to apply the drug to your upper lash line with the sterile applicators that are included. Be sure to dispose of the applicator after you use it and use a fresh one each night. Before applying the drug, make sure that your makeup is off and your contacts are out. You should only put the drug on your upper lash line as it will spread to your lower lash line when you blink.

After the first couple of months, Dr. Andrews will likely suggest that you use the drug every few nights instead of every night. If you have questions about the process, he will be able to answer them at your consultation to ensure that you’re clear on the process to achieve the best results.

What are the potential side effects?

Most drugs that are applied to or around your eye come with some risks. While Latisse is seen as somewhat of a miracle lash growth serum, it comes with several potential side effects. These include:

  • Skin infections on your eyelid
  • Change in eye color
  • Macular edema (swelling of your retina)
  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
  • Uveitis (eye inflammation)

Dr. Andrews will take your medical history and health inventory to determine if you’re at a higher risk for these or other side effects from Latisse.

If you’re ready to throw out your false lashes and enhance your natural look, call to schedule an appointment at A Younger Look Wellness & Laser Center in San Jose, California, today!