Using Latisse for Eyelash Enhancements

Do you wish you had longer, fuller lashes? In the past, anyone who wanted longer eyelashes in San Jose had to rely on false lashes or mascara, but now there is another option: Latisse. Latisse, which is made by the company behind Botox, helps you grow lashes that are darker, wider, and longer.

Watch this video to learn how Latisse improves lashes. It works on the opposite principle of laser hair removal. While hair removal stops the growth cycle for hair in unwanted areas, Latisse extends it. When you apply the product to your lids, your growth cycle for your lashes will increase from four months to six or seven, leaving you with longer, fuller lashes. Latisse is safe for most people—ask a specialist if it is right for you.

IPL Hair Removal: What You Need to Know

If you have unwanted hair and are tired of shaving and waxing, IPL hair removal could be right for you. With the right amount of treatments, IPL laser hair removal provides permanent results for many patients. Are you considering getting laser hair removal in San Jose ? Here are the facts you need to know: unwanted hair treatment san jose

What Is IPL Hair Removal?
IPL hair removal relies on intense pulse light to destroy the hair follicles and stop the growth process. The energy is designed to be absorbed by the hair in the treatment area, rather than the surrounding tissue, to prevent skin damage. Most people require between three and seven treatments, with about four to eight weeks between sessions, to get the best results. Some patients achieve permanent hair loss with this number of sessions, while others will require periodic maintenance treatments.

What Happens During IPL Treatment?
Before treatment, you will need to avoid plucking and waxing for three to six weeks, as these methods of hair removal temporarily remove the hair root that is targeted by the laser. Pulsed laser light will be focused on the treatment area. The number of pulses and length of treatment will depend on how much hair you have and the location of the hair. After IPL treatment, you can return to your normal activities, but you may need ice packs, cooling gels, or anti-inflammatory creams to ease any irritation.

Who Is a Good Candidate for IPL?
People who have light skin and dark hair get the best results from IPL laser treatment, because the light responds to the high level of pigment in the hair and doesn’t pick up pigment in the skin. However, any hair with pigment can be treated. People with blonde or white hair don’t usually have good results with IPL laser hair removal because of the lack of pigment. Intense Pulse Light hair removal is ideal for most types of facial hair removal except for areas around the eyes.

Effective Regimens for Weight Loss

Do you feel like you’re trapped in a losing battle with the scale? Weight loss can make a tremendous difference for your health, but with all of the misinformation out there about diet and nutrition, finding an effective plan can be difficult. The good news is that you can get the numbers on the scale to move if you simply take the right approach. If you’re wondering how to lose weight in San Jose , these tips may help.

First, don’t try to lose weight on your own. A physician-assisted weight loss program can help you achieve the best results and provide the weight loss motivation you need to stay on track. If your appetite is a problem, don’t rely on willpower alone. Appetite suppressants can help you restrict your food intake without the cravings. Talk to a physician about the best foods for your body and about whether vitamin injections could help boost your metabolism. By balancing your nutrition and vitamins, you can help your body burn calories more effectively so that you are finally able to reach and maintain your goal weight.

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What Causes Scars and How to Treat Them

When your skin is damaged because of illness or injury, a scar may be left behind long after you heal. Scars vary in size from barely noticeable to quite large and bothersome. While scars aren’t a medical health risk, many people find them unsightly and want to get them treated for cosmetic reasons. If you decide to have scar removal in San Jose , the process will depend on the nature and severity of the injury. scar removal san jose

What Are Scars?
A scar is simply evidence that your skin has undergone a healing process. Whenever tissue suffers significant damage, whether through physical trauma or through illness, a scar will be left behind. Scars are caused by structural changes that occur in the deep layers of skin that result in a change in the normal surface appearance of the top layer of skin. Many factors determine how large and severe a scar appears, including the nature of the injury, the location of the wound, and your genetic predisposition to scarring. Oftentimes, scars in areas where skin is tight or where there is movement appear to be worse. Poor wound healing can also lead to severe scarring, including keloid scars , which are red, thick scars that are often itchy and frequently grow to be larger than the original wound.

What Treatments Are Available?
A device similar to the one used for laser hair removal can help with scar removal. Laser skin resurfacing can reduce the appearance of scars without any downtime and few side effects. As with hair removal, it is often necessary to have more than one laser session to achieve the best results. Cosmetic service providers, such as those who perform Botox injections, can often provide laser treatment for scar removal as well. Large, thick scars, such as keloid scars, may not respond to laser treatment and may require a steroid injection into the scarred tissue instead.