What Is Behind Your Wrinkles?

Most people know that long-term exposure to sunlight can cause skin damage, leading to wrinkles. This video explores another primary cause of wrinkles—facial movement. Repeated motion of the skin can cause permanent damage. If you are interested in scar removal, dermal fillers, or Botox in San Jose to improve your skin’s appearance, watch this video to find out more about the mechanisms which lead to skin aging.

The video explains how lines and wrinkles can form. It discusses the functions of collagen and elastic tissue in the skin. Using a piece of paper, the video vividly demonstrates how skin can become damaged over time. Finally, the video shows how habitual movements, such as pursing the lips while smoking, can cause wrinkles.

The good news is that Botox is an effective treatment option for lines and wrinkles caused by movement. Botox works to stop muscle movement beneath the skin, which can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and even prevent the formation of new wrinkles.

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