A Look at Botox and How It Works

There are many steps you can take to combat the signs of aging on your face and body, from healthy weight loss to Botox injections to fight wrinkles. Botox injections have been used safely in the medical and cosmetic fields for years. If you’re planning to schedule an appointment for Botox in San Jose , you may wish to learn a little more about this revolutionary wrinkle treatment. A Look at Botox and How It Works San Jose

Understanding Botox
Botox is derived from botulinum toxin type A. This substance interferes with the nerve impulses that instruct your muscles to contract. This enables doctors to use this substance to treat medical conditions that involve muscle spasms, such as strabismus, cervical dystonia, and blepharospasm. It also enables cosmetic professionals to apply Botox injections to the muscles that are responsible for wrinkle formation. This can take years off the appearance of your face, restoring your youthful glow. Best results can be seen within a few hours to two days of the injections. The treatment will last between three to eight months. However, as the effects wear off, you can receive more Botox injections to preserve your youthful beauty.

Identifying Ideal Candidates
Many people are good candidates for Botox injections. In fact, you might even consider getting Botox before you experience significant wrinkling. This treatment can effectively delay the formation of deep wrinkles and fine lines. These highly purified toxins are appropriate for the treatment of the horizontal lines across the forehead, vertical frown lines, and crow’s feet. It may also be used for wrinkles that affect the neck and chin.

Undergoing Botox Injections
If you’re anticipating your first appointment for Botox injections, you can rest assured that the procedure is safe and effective. It takes only a few minutes and there is no recovery time required. A couple of weeks before your appointment, it’s advisable to cease taking anti-inflammatory medications and aspirins. Doing so will reduce the possibility of bruising. When you arrive at the clinic, you may be offered a topical anesthetic or ice to numb the area. Then, the physician will inject the purified substance into the muscles responsible for your wrinkles. Immediately afterward, you can return to your normal activities and enjoy your youthful appearance.

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