Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Solutions

San Jose Skin Tightening Treatment for the Face & Neck

Firm, flawless, healthy skin is a hallmark of beauty and youth. Today, there are a variety of skin tightening treatments that can help you achieve the face and body you want, regardless of age and lifestyle. At A Younger Look Wellness & Center, we are pleased to offer radio frequency skin tightening in San Jose as part of our non-surgical skin care solutions for men and women.

We use advanced RF treatment by EndyMed, introducing Intensif. With Intensif both Men and Women will experience the most effective treatment today for tightening lax skin. This revolutionary new technology does skin tightening and resurfacing at the same time. Two treatments in one!

If the delicate area around the eyes and mouth is a problem area, 3DEEP iFine is specially designed for the reduction of these wrinkles.

Skin Tightening San Jose, CAHow RF Skin Tightening Works

Radio frequency skin tightening is an FDA-approved treatment for many cosmetic skin defects, including sagging skin and stretch marks. The RF machine uses energy to penetrate beneath the outer layer of the skin, rebuilding elasticity from the inside out to produce a firmer, more youthful look.

  • Beneath the surface of the skin are connective tissues called elastin and collagen. It is these tissues that give youthful skin its elasticity, which allows it to snap back into place, rather than sagging or forming wrinkles.
  • The radio frequency machine directs energy beneath the skin to the level at which elastin and collagen sit. This energy causes two effects: first, the existing fibers start to shrink, which provide an immediate skin tightening effect. Second, new collagen and elastin is formed, which further improves the elasticity of the skin over the long term.
  • RF skin tightening treatment produces little to no discomfort and requires very little healing time. A series of treatments is typically recommended every three to four weeks to achieve the best results.

Three Benefits of Radio Frequency Treatment

Radio frequency is a skin care and body sculpting solution that can reduce wrinkles, tighten skin, and eliminate small pockets of fat. This surgery-free treatment takes less than an hour for each session and can deliver fast, long-lasting results.

  1. Radio frequency isn’t simply a one-time treatment for loose skin. The true benefit of this treatment is how it achieves ongoing skin tightening over time by encouraging the connective tissues of the skin to continue to strengthen.
  2. Radio frequency is completely non-invasive, meaning there is no cutting, no injections, and no anesthetic required. You can receive this skin tightening treatment anywhere on the body with no risk of pain, infection, or scarring.
  3. Radio frequency is addresses multiple factors that affect the smoothness of your skin for a more effective approach to skin tightening, including improving elasticity while reducing cellulite deposits.

Additional Treatment Benefits

Face & Neck

  • Tightens skin
  • Softens fine lines
  • Refreshes wrinkles of the eyes
  • Contours the neck and jawline
  • Brightens and improves the appearance of skin

(Individual results may vary)

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