Try These Healthy Recipes This Holiday Season!

Maintaining your weight loss in San Jose over the holidays isn’t impossible. If you modify traditional holiday recipes, or replace a few side dishes with healthier alternatives, you can continue to find success with your weight loss program. When you begin your holiday baking, you can substitute high fat and high calorie ingredients with equally delicious yet less fattening ingredients.

Instead of baking with white sugar, you can use a natural sweetener like applesauce, orange juice, apple juice, Stevia, or vanilla extract. You can substitute bananas or applesauce for vegetable oil and butter as well. Other healthier substitutes for vegetable oil are pureed avocado, flax meal, chia seeds, and prunes.

In addition to healthier holiday sweets and treats, you can also modify your holiday dinner menu if you’re wondering how to lose weight. You can serve whole grain rolls instead of white bread, and leave the marshmallows out of your sweet potatoes. When you make mashed potatoes, you can use about half as much butter and cream as the recipe calls for, and they will still taste delicious. Finally, make sure the menu contains plenty of fresh vegetables and leafy greens to continue the good habits you’ve learned with your weight loss program.

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