Start the Year out With our Medically-Supervised Weight-Loss Program

A medically-supervised weight-loss program will make all the difference.

You need a weight-loss program that works for you, not one designed to sell books or an image. Many diets make empty promises and don’t take into account your lifestyle, specific metabolism, health, or preferences -- and as a result, they fail. You may lose weight at first, only to gain it back later. Or the parameters of the diet are so restrictive that you end up giving up before you see measurable results.

Here at A Younger Look Wellness & Laser Center, we want to help you achieve a healthy weight for the long term. Dr. Andrews understands that you need a plan that works for you, and he gives you the guidance and support to bring about real weight-loss results.

Customized health assessment

A medically supervised weight-loss plan greatly increases the chance that you can stick to a program to lose weight and keep it off. You get a comprehensive assessment of your health prior to starting your program to identify health problems that may be associated with your weight, including diabetes, sleep apnea, depression, and thyroid hormones.

Managing these issues can help you lose weight, and on the flip side, losing weight can help you reduce their severity. Dr. Andrews takes into account your whole health, not just your goal to lose weight, when creating a weight-loss plan for you.

Individualized recommendations

When he makes diet and exercise recommendations, Dr. Andrews takes into account your health, but also your lifestyle, limitations, and abilities. He gives guidance on what types of foods you should eat each day and which physical activities suit your abilities. He can help you form new habits to support a healthier weight.


You and Dr. Andrews are in this weight-loss journey together because a medically supervised program provides accountability. Regular check-ins evaluate your progress, and if you have a setback, Dr. Andrews can help you get back on track. You may be more committed to your goals if you know someone is monitoring you.

Tools to help you

A medically supervised plan offers tools that just aren’t available to the average go-it-alone dieter. Dr. Andrews offers prescription appetite suppressants, when appropriate, to help control cravings and urges. These can help you shift your habits so you start to eat less over time.

You may also benefit from lipotropic injections, which boost your energy while helping you to burn fat. The HCG program may also be the right route for you. Daily injections of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) help balance out your hormone levels to mitigate hunger and cravings. Couple HCG injections with a smart diet and you lose weight.

Make 2019 the year you achieve a healthy weight for good. Slimming down helps you feel more energized and reduces your risk of serious chronic conditions, including heart disease and hypertension. A medically supervised plan ensures you lose weight smartly and safely, and in a way that supports optimal health. Dr. Andrews wants you to reach your lower weight and stay there. Call our office in San Jose, California, or use this website to set up a consultation. Why not get started today?

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