Scars No Longer Need to Be Forever

Scars radiofrequency resurfacing A Younger Look Wellness & Laser Center

When you hurt yourself, your body naturally creates a scar as part of the healing process. Unfortunately, these new protein fibers don’t lie together neatly like your original skin. Instead, you have new and less flexible tissue that marks your skin and affects its sensitivity.

While scar tissue is rarely a health concern, it can affect your self-confidence if it’s disfiguring or visually unpleasant. But you don’t have to live with unwanted scars. Dr. James Andrews and our team at A Younger Look Wellness & Laser Center in San Jose, California, offer radiofrequency resurfacing to improve the appearance of your skin and reduce the signs of scars.

Radiofrequency resurfacing to the rescue

Radiofrequency (RF) resurfacing is an innovative aesthetic treatment that delivers heat energy to subdermal skin tissue to trigger collagen and elastin production. We rely on the first FDA-cleared, non-insulated, motorized microneedle RF technology on the market: Intensif® by EndyMed™.

Intensif uses proprietary fractional pulse mode technology to generate higher levels of heat in your dermis than other insulated models. The result is better collagen remodeling, fewer passes over the treatment area, and shorter, more comfortable sessions. You can also expect recovery times that are faster than any other device on the market without bleeding or bruising.

Because Intensif provides high precision and adjustable needle depths, we can tailor each treatment session to numerous skin imperfections, including:

We can also safely treat scars or skin damage around your eyes, forehead, or mouth without disrupting surrounding tissue.

Make your scars a distant memory

During your Intensif appointment, we apply a topical numbing cream to the treatment site to provide maximum comfort during your session.

As we pass the Intensif handpiece over your scar, its patented 3DEEP™ radiofrequency technology applies controlled bursts of energy while monitoring what the optimal energy level should be for the treatment area. This enables us to make continual adjustments based on your tissue so we can provide maximum results.

After your appointment, it’s common to have mild redness or swelling. But otherwise, you can resume normal activities. In the weeks to come, you’ll notice improvement in the treatment site as damaged tissue gives way to healthy, new collagen-fortified skin.

To provide maximum results, we might recommend 3-5 Intensif treatments scheduled every 4-6 weeks.

Don’t let your scars affect your appearance anymore. Call us at A Younger Look Wellness & Laser Center, or schedule an appointment online today.

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