How Does Skin Tightening Work?

If you do an internet search for antiaging, you’re rewarded with hundreds of millions of results, each promising to dial back the years and make your skin look tighter, brighter, and younger. Let us help you sift through the clutter and explain why skin tightening through microneedling is one of the most effective weapons in your antiaging arsenal. (Hint: It’s because it works with your body to rebuild from within.)

Here at A Younger Look Wellness & Laser Center, Dr. James Andrews and our team want to provide our patients with the most advanced, evidence-based skin care tools available. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to, and here’s a look at why we chose the Intensif by EndyMed™.

Take a moment to learn more about how this innovative skin-tightening technique works.

A sagging story

Before we get into our Intensif skin-tightening system, let’s grab a look at what we’re up against. Your skin performs an extremely valuable role as a protective shield for your body, absorbing the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and deflecting harmful bacteria and germs. To keep up with this enormous task, your skin cells turn over every 27-28 days.

As you age, however, even this quick turnaround through cell renewal can’t keep up with the mounting damage as exposure breaks down your cells and connective tissue. On top of this breakdown is your natural loss of collagen and elastin, the two structural proteins responsible for the tone and elasticity in your skin.

Between photoaging and the loss of structural support, your skin begins to succumb to gravity, hence you have sagging. This happens especially around your face, which must deal with some of the harshest forces because of its exposure and high visibility.

Tightening up

Since collagen is crucial for firm skin, it makes sense to find a treatment that addresses the increasing deficit, which is exactly what the Intensif by Endymed accomplishes. This unique system relies on non-insulated gold needles to deliver the manufacturer’s patented Fractional Pulse Mode™ technology.

In plain English, we’re able to deliver radiofrequency energy into your skin at higher levels because of the gold needles, effectively heating up your tissue at the right depth to bring about a collagen response.

When your body senses damage, it responds with the resources necessary to repair and rebuild your tissue. Through microneedling, we create a network of tiny micro-injuries across the surface of your skin, while heating the tissue below at the same time. This dual action prompts your body to respond with collagen to help strengthen what it perceives as weak tissue in need.

As the collagen fills in the tiny microchannels, it lifts the entire surface of your skin, smoothing out wrinkles.

Beyond tightening

Our Intensif technology works extremely well for the overall tightening of your skin, but it’s also ideal for spot problems, such as acne scarring or large pores. By targeting these areas, we can break up the old tissue and encourage healthier tissue to form in its wake. This technique also works on stretch marks.

Getting tightened

Many of our patients want to know how many treatments they need and how soon they’ll see results, and there’s no one answer to either of these questions. When you come in, we sit down with you to review your skin and your goals, and we come up with an appropriate treatment schedule. Most of our patients benefit from a series of Intensif treatments, which we space apart by several weeks to allow time for your skin to rebuild.

Your results are gradual as you make your way through your treatments, with optimal results about 6-12 weeks after your final session with us.

If you’d like to tighten the skin you’re in, please give us a call and schedule a free consultation at (510) 952-1507 to get started.

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